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Glass Design is an Italian excellence in the production and design of bathroom washbasins and interior decoration furnishings. Located in Vinci, in the heart of Tuscany and native town of “Leonardo da Vinci”, Glass Design was founded in 1984 by the Borsellini family, further to along tradition in manufacturing artistic glass. Both by using technologically advanced materials such as stainless steel or silicone, and by working in an artistic way with traditional materials like the formed 24% pb crystal and the artisan glass, the company Glass Design contributes to the creation of a new style, where even the accessory is addressed in all details, becoming the main subject oft he environment, a true “fashion” product, highly appreciated in the world and exported to more than 60 countries. Over 200 Tuscan artisans and more than 15 glassmakers of Murano work within the company’s production chain, enabling the customization of each product to suit individual needs and specific requirements, in order to create unique and exclusive products.

Exclusive products from the Cristallo de Medici collection are made out of 24% pure lead crystal glass. These handmade and hand-blown glass products are manufactured using traditional processing techniques. The products made from this material are shaped both in contemporary and classical designs.

Pert is a technological polymer. It combines a low specific weight with high mechanical resistance, thus especially suitable for fields where light weight is essential (such as nautical, aeronautical, camping). A wide colour range - both in polished and matt - can be realised, according to customers tastes and demand.

TeknoForm products consist of different polymers, which are used as a base material for moulding and then are coated with different surface materials, such as gold, silver, copper leafs or travertino stone powder. The inspiration of designs comes from mosaics, stone or wood.

All travertine basins are made from TeknoForm ®, a polymer based material that is mixed with Travertino powder. Therefore, they are classified under the suffix Travertino. The basin CIRCUS43 and OVAL, the inner surface is smooth, only the outside shows the typical travertine structure. In the basin RAPOLANO however, the texture is to find travertine on both sides (inside and outside).

“Florence Glass Atelier” products reflect fashion trends in product design. The base material is glass or crystal, which is then handmade, coloured or decorated with leaf gold or silver, inspired by the trends of the city Florence being one of the global fashion centers.

Murano glass objects are created by combining innovative techniques with traditional artisan workmanship. High class Murano glass is used, different layers of colour create unique masterpieces, with each piece being unique in terms of colour shades and expression. The design underlines individualism and is a synonym for elegance and timelessness.

Vetrofreddo is an innovative composition of glass particles and epoxy resin. Products from VetroFreddo are casted in a mould and then hand-worked, emphasizing the product quality. The material enables the realisation of unique shapes. The color spectrum comprises opaque and semi-transparent colors. Scratches can be polished by hand by the end-user.

Siliconio can be pushed, pulled and generally subject to high pressure increases, but without outside influence returns to its original shape. A truly tactile sensation. The use of different pigments allows a wide choice of color options. Further characteristics are: soft, elastic, waterproof, non-toxic, temperature resistant at -60 to +250 ° C.

Alumix products are made out of aluminum alloy, worked of a sand mould for the basin shapes. The product is polished by hand, and then painted by hand in various colours. For the external protection a special transparent ceramic film for anti-oxidation and scratch protection.

The products of the "INOX ZERO" collection are made out of stainless steel. Advanced production processes enable the combination of expressive design with low weight. A wide range of colours can be realised, from timeless metallic shades to prestigious brushed and avantgarde colours.

High quality natural stone and exquisite teak are designed with great devotion and love of detail to unique bathroom objects.

The unique way will be made ​​in regions where traditional crafts associated with passion. The design concept of BaliSpa is timeless and Asian exoticism associated with contemporary style elements to emotional bath and spa experiences.

The products of BaliSpa be made ​​by hand from high quality marble and associated furniture from FSC certified teak. The products with sculptural character are matched to each other conceptually and underline the claim BaliSpas as quality natural stone marker for the bathroom. Here, the design of the products of the tradition and culture of Asia in general and Bali is inspired in particular.

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